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Why do most people are playing in casino? As a rule they do it to win some money and get all worked up. While choosing online casino for real money one should examine closely all the terms and conditions, ways of banking and withdrawal but along with it there is something much more attractive - Casino Bonuses!

Best bonuses of real playing clubs have always been the most alluring thing about online casino. With a help of them casinos constantly attract new visitors and give a treat to existing ones. Promotion system is now a commonplace. To be able to enter into competition gambling houses have to introduce something new and unique thus a lot of exclusive bonuses appear.

Bonuses for Quasar gamblers

Types of best internet bonuses

  • First Deposit Bonus Probably the most generous bonus in every casino. This one helps to attract the biggest amount of people. It is very similar to Welcome bonus though. New player can get up to 900$ as a First Deposit Bonus. It is required to sign up, create an account and credit your account for any sum. Amount of bonus money will depend directly on this sum.
  • No Deposit Bonus. The simplest bonus to get one. You don`t need to put any money on your account the only required thing is to register a Real Money account. After that money (up to 500$ depending on the casino) will automatically appear on your account or you will have to claim for this bonus using an e-mail or another contact casino form.
  • Match Bonus. This kind of reward is usually used for new players. The gambler gets some percent (100% or 200%) for his total deposit.  For instance you credit 100$ on your account and with 100% mach bonus you get 100$ extra, so that your balance is 200$ now. Before using this type of bones read carefully all terms and conditions.
  • Exclusive Bonus As it was already mentioned every casino attracts its visitors by means of different promotions.  Exclusive casino bonuses are very interesting for gamblers, as they can be no deposit, deposit but usually much bigger than welcome bonus. One can find Free Spins Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, Refer-A-Friend Bonus, Loyalty Bonus etc.

Recommendations on elections casino bonuses

Bonus game gives the chance to win more money, enjoy longer game, get to know more about slots options. You'll have a lot of fun discovering the variety of casino bonuses! But before it we strongly recommend to read carefully all their terms and conditions because sometimes there are a lot of pitfalls. For example promotions can differ depending on country, on the payment method. Sometimes you need to win back this amount before you can withdraw it. In order to help our guests at we did our best to present the most trustworthy and reliable casinos with approved bonus system.