Payment methods in casino

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Payment systems casino is one of the first questions that interested players using properly selected can make a deposit and start playing slot machines for money. We highly recommend you to make sure the casino's safe before you register an account. A self-respecting online gambling house has a few pages dedicated to safety: about their licence, their software, tests, reports and so on. Check if it's powered with SSL-encryption so that the information and transactions between the customer and the casino are safe. Then see if its Random Number Generators are tested by reputable organizations and the casino provides the reports. The last thing for you to check is the fairness – the Return to Player percentages. These must be tested and approved by independent reputable organizations, just like in case with RNG.
Now you finally can check the casino payment methods on Banking Options page and see the deposit and withdrawal methods. The most often seen names in the list of deposit methods are Visa, Master Card, Maestro, American Express, including e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Click2Pay, WebMoney, Eco, Clickandbuy and Paysafecard.

  • Visa Cards: Visa needs no advertisement – when you hear this name you know the banking operation is going to be totally safe, secured, instant and convenient. Speaking about credit cards, Visa and Mastercard are the most reliable systems you can find the world.
  • Mastercard: This card has just the same reputation as Visa. Needless to say, we highly recommend that you use these payment methods not only in gambling but in every other case of making transactions in your everyday life.
  • Maestro payment system: Maestro wasn't mentioned together with Visa and Mastercard as the most reliable payment methods just because this is not actually a credit card but the card which is connected directly to your bank account, so if you have one, you should use this. Speaking about debit cards, it's the most reliable you can find in the world.
  • American Express for real money play: American Express offers a variety of cards – not only credit or debit ones, but also Charge Cards which entitle you to the benefits you can't get with a usual card when it comes to comlimentary insurance or hotel and travel benefits, but the best about AmExpress is no pre-set spending limit. For everyday needs such as purchases, bills and other small payments (like the deposits when registering an online casino account) you can get the Basic Card in US Dollars or Euros that has also no pre-set limit.
  • PayPal payment methods casino: Pay Pal is the world's leading digital payment system. When it comes to e-wallets there is nothing like PayPal since they use the latest in data-encryption and anti-fraud technology. All you have to do is register your credit\debit card wit your PayPal account and make transactions – the company will take care of the rest, keeping your financial information secret from merchants and sellers.
  • Neteller is a British e-wallet service which is famous all over the world and is used to make transactions between merchants and individuals. Inthe beginning of 2000s they were processing 80% of the world's online gambling companies-to-individuals transactions. This system can also be used to withdraw funds to its own bank accounts.
  • Skrill is Neteller's biggest competitor and is also UK-based. This world-famous company was established under the name of Moneybookers and only in 2011 was rebranded as Skrill, so experienced online-gamblers have long known this company as one of the safest and most reliable e-payment systems that offers banking services via major cards.
  • Click2Pay is a modern online payment system that belongs to Wirecard AG. Wirecard AG is a global financial services and technology company established in Germany. Its Click2Pay system is the biggest competitor to PayPal and is a principal member of Visa, Mastercard and JCB. The company is among 30 largest German technology companies so you always know your account is safe and convenient in usage to pay thousands of online merchants all over the world.
  • WebMoney is a global payment systems where users can make safe transactions in real time without a credit card. It works somewhat similarly to Bitcoin, e-gold and cash. The company's main proprietor is in London and there are funding and withdrawal points in 86 countries. Today thousands of online services accept WM and you can withdraw a fund to bank cards, virtual cards and there are some more other ways. The only drawback is that it's not integrated yet into an international financial system (so that you can't receive PayPal and, for instance, Western Union transfers).

If you're not yet acquainted with these payment systems, it is most likely that any of your local gives credit cards of several Visa types. Your local bank's credit manager will provide you with all the information you need to choose a card that will do best for you. If for some reason you're unable to use this way, then choose the e-wallet that is supported by your local pay terminals. Note that not all deposit pay systems can be used for withdrawal – usually only 10-15 systems from the “deposit list” are available for that purpose.

Mobile payment casino

If you prefer a mobile casino then the story's completely different. Well, there used to be lots of ways to make money transactions via your cell, but they never managed to become popular enough. And it was not until recently that some reliable and safe alternatives appeared. Now you have a choice – you can use special services, such as Payforit which works with Orange/T-Mobile, Virgin mobile, Vodafone, 02 or Three. Otherwise, you may choose old transaction services that leave much more to be desired – paying with a text message you additionally pay the price of the SMS you send. Moreover, it takes much more time than a modern system does. But again, remember that no mobile pay system has same options for both deposit and withdrawal.

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